the cutting board - "learn to cook for your health condition"
Are you frustrated that diets don't seem to work and you want to lose weight, have more energy and enjoy food again without feeling guilty?

Do you feel like you have tried everything but just can't seem to cook the right meals to lose weight and that also give you energy?

Do you have digestive issues that make eating difficult?

I can help those of you who want to shed the pounds in order for you to feel happy and healthy again, so that you no longer feel frustrated, embarrassed and lonely about being overweight. Learning to cook for your health condition by calling today.

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  • COOKING CLASSES -Cook for Health Conditions, adult and kids classes 
  • "COOK WITH CHEF GRAY-private cooking-a weeks worth of meals for under $200!
  • Kitchen Reorganization, Meal Planning, and Shopping
  • B-Day Parties

One will learn how to prepare nutrient dense meals that support health conditions such as obesity, bone health, cancer, mood disorders, digestive problems, and heart health. We'll work within your dietary requirements and preferences.
Mission Statement: To educate families about the power of food"to heal the body" through one-on-one consulting, informative and fun cooking classes and lectures.  The Cutting Board incorporates the most up to date research on how the nutrients in food are used to support the body.

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