Nutrition Therapies  - Integrative Clinical Nutrition and Cooking for Health Conditions

Overview-Cooking with Chef Gray 

1. Let Gray help you plan your meals around your health condition.
2. She will buy all the food and all you do is show up to cook.
3. Learn cooking skills while preparing fresh whole foods recipes 
4. The cost is $50/hr. 3 hour minimum. (additional hour for shopping and planning) Package A is $ 200 plus the cost of the food per week. Food costs for a family of 5 range from $225-$255 depending on food purchases. Start up costs to stock your pantry is about $50.


This client cooks weekly meals for her family of four. Her daughter is wheat free, dairy free, egg free, coconut free, and canola free. She suffered from severe digestion disorders before starting cooking at Nutrition Therapies. In over a years time, she is free of most discomfort or pain when eating due to a clean diet and learning to cook with Gray. Her blood work showed a clean bill of health!

a peak at 
some of the produce...

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