Nutrition Therapies  - Integrative Clinical Nutrition and Cooking for Health Conditions

Before beginning this journey together, I want to say that eating can be a joyful experience where you feel truly nourished. I want to help you establish a positive relationship about food and help you to "heal" and support your health condition through regular meetings, through cooking sessions together, through shopping together and to hopefully sharing a meal or two together.  I believe that investing in your health is the most important decision you can do, so I thank you for making this choice. Given that you are human, there will be ups and downs, so be good to yourself and begin with a few small steps. 

Hourly Fee-$100/hour
Nutrition Assessment and Shopping
1-one hour nutrition assessment, dietary protocols, plus 2 recipes geared toward your condition. I will provide recipes and we can shop together for your food at Natural Grocers. ( cost of food not included)

Supplement Review- Bring all your supplements in and we will go over why you are taking them and prioritize your supplement needs based on your health conditions. 1hour at $100/hour

Nutritional Consulting Plans

Plan A - This if for the  person who really wants to just put their foot in the water. This person wants to commit to 3 hours at $ $100 per session ($300)
This includes 3  1 hour in person meetings  or FaceTime where we go over your health goals and  intake form. Based on your situation, I provide nutritional steps you can take to begin to remedy your situation. These will be in a written report. (meeting #1- get to know your condition, goals, concerns and eating habits, meeting #2 information shared about steps to take, report share, changes in diet and supplements , meeting #3 follow up meeting- changes and future goals set) This might be enough to jump start you on your way to health. 
Plan B- 6 hours at $100 hour($600)
This is Plan A but I do a full Diet Analysis based on a food diary to include in the report. This gives the micro and macronutrients that you are eating and shows us where deficiencies are. I will also give you a one week meal plan targeting your deficiencies.  We will meet 4 times via Skype/Facetime or in person. 

Plan C- This is Plan A and B which includes Nutritional Assessment Report, Diet Analysis, but also includes weekly cooking sessions to incorporate our findings. Cooking sessions are $50/ hour not including food with 1 hour for prep and shopping. See the section entitled "Cooking with Gray" to see how I help people cook for their health condition.  6  in person sessions or FaceTime/Skype  4 cooking sessions at $50/hour  cost is $800 which includes 4 1 hour cooking sessions.

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