the cutting board - "learn to cook for your health condition"
I recently hired Chef Gray to provide cooking technique instruction at a nutrition-focused luncheon at my home.  Gray was extremely organized and helpful, providing handouts, recipes, ingredients, knives and proper tools and sanitation preparations for all the participants.  Her teaching style is so patient and kind, her menus are scrumptious and her enthusiasm and beautiful healthy glow are inspiring.  She is a true joy to learn from.

Susan Kracklauer, Holistic Nutrition Therapist, A Healthy Life, LLC.

"We  think everything is really really tasty and it feels really good to be eating healthy.  I am going to cut out the rest of
my junk food going forward and hope to lose some weight.  My daughter, who has the gluten allergy, says she feels better having your recipes to eat. Also, it is so nice there is a variety to pick from and that they are ready to go!  The boys are still adjusting to a new way of eating, but  I think it is just a matter of time to winning them over."
Evergreen resident who does weekly cooking/meals with Gray

We loved the cooking class... It was fun making a souffle and watching it actually turn out. It tasted wonderful! "
Emma-age 16

“Weight has always been difficult for me, so when The Cutting Board prepared tasty and nutritious meals that made me feel full and that were satisfying, I knew it was worth it. What is more important than your health! "
Evergreen, CO resident

"Gray gave a lecture on "healthy fats"  which was so informative. We learned about smoke points, the different kinds of fats and which ones had health benefits."
 Evergreen, CO resident

Healthy eating has changed my life!  After finding I had an inflammatory disease, thyroid problems, and bacterial and parasitic infections, I was very sick and taking a number of medications.  I called the Cutting Board to help with my numerous food allergies including gluten and dairy, as well as cook for my family.  What a difference it has made!  I’ve learned how to cook, prepared delicious, healthy meals, and most importantly, my conditions are under control.  Eating healthy has made a bigger difference in my quality of life than any other single factor.  On top of that, I’ve had fun cooking tasty meals.  Gray has so much energy and enthusiasm for what she does.  She’s so knowledgeable about nutrition, and even did a nutritional analysis to make sure my diet was balanced.  Now my thyroid has improved, my immune system functions better, and my whole body is working more like it should!  Current Evergreen client

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